Rehab Staff

Rehabilitation Center Staff

Our rehabilitation team includes physicians, specially trained nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and other skilled providers who all share a common goal: to help our clients heal physically and emotionally, and to achieve maximum recovery. Once this goal is reached, the client may return to their off-campus residence, or elect to stay on-campus in the area that best meets their particular living needs.  Either way, however, they have the option of continuing their therapy treatment and follow-up care on an outpatient basis through the Lima Convalescent Home Rehabilitation program.

Typically, those who come to Lima Convalescent Home for rehabilitative care include people in need of:

    • Orthopedic rehabilitation following post-elective surgeries or post-surgical complications.
    • Stroke rehabilitation, including adaptive communication and self-feeding devises.
    • Speech-language pathology, including swallowing deficit evaluation and rehabilitation.
    • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.
    • Occupational therapies focusing on activities of daily living.

Lima Convalscent Home’s “Rehab to Home” program is ideal for those recovering from a debilitating health event with the goal of returning home. We offer many specialized services to assist in alleviating pain, and regaining optimal function and strength. We help those who have lost function due to a variety of conditions including:

    • Stroke
    • Orthopedic injury such as fractured hips or degenerative spine
    • Total joint replacement like knees or hips
    • Arthritis
    • Degenerative neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or polyneuropathy
    • Other debilitating conditions that mean the patient has lost independence in self care and mobility

Lima Convalescent Home is proud to feature:

Vital Stimulation

Electronic Stimulation


We work with patients and their families to treat functional declines including:

    • Difficulty walking, climbing stairs, getting out of bed
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • Loss of balance
    • Problems with speech or language
    • Memory deficits
    • Limitations due to pain
    • Problems returning to work or everyday routines

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

The Lima Convalescent Home is well known for its short term acute rehabilitation services that provide excellent care for inpatient therapy following a surgical procedure or spell of illness.  Therapy services are also offered as a convenient outpatient option here at the facility for those returning to or residing in the local community.

Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy services can be excellent interventions for individuals experiencing a physical decline after a fall or illness.  Perhaps speech therapy would be beneficial in identifying and treating a swallowing or cognitive deficit.  If you feel that you need to regain some strength, perhaps physical or occupational therapy could help.  Discuss your concerns with your physician.  If the physician orders therapy services, our rehabilitation team will tailor a plan for you and conveniently provide the appropriate treatment on your terms.

Outpatient rehabilitation is also a fantastic option for those who have completed their inpatient stay here at Lima Convalescent Home and are returning home, but wish to continue regaining strength under the guidance of a licensed professional who they have grown to know and trust.  We encourage you to explore your options when it comes to selecting the perfect rehabilitation plan for you.  Please contact Ashley Kissling, Director of Rehabilitation Services, at 419-224-9741 for a detailed overview of options.



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